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Espresso Italia Capsules and Machines Wholesale. Easy to use. No mess no waste.. Coffee from Milan Italy.. why pay more?

-- Linda Reissman (, September 12, 2004


Visit and the Rip Off Report to see what they have to say about the Espresso Italia Fraud.

-- Michael Curran (, October 27, 2004.

Espresso Italia Marketing?

Visit the Rip Off Report and see how one owner affirms that the Espresso Italia machines are a real health hazard.

Are you ready to get ripped off?

-- Michael Curran (, November 30, 2004.


-- Linda Reissman (, January 06, 2005.

Dear Linda,

Geat to be in contact with you again and this time outside The Rip Off Report.

Linda, you in Espresso New York and in other places say many things. Now you are attacking the Rip Off Report that has restored justice for thousands of people. Is that bad? Again you are blindly defending Espresso Italia.

We, as a group, are in the process of taking Espresso Italia Marketing to court for the fraud that the company commits. In fact we have an ex-manager that is going to testify affirming that the whole scheme is a fraud. He affirms that PEOPLE ARE PAID TO SPEAK ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF THE COMPANY. He has a lot of inside information.

The facts are blatent. I cannot understand what motivates you to continuously defend Espresso Italia when, as the ex-manager affirms, there are 100īs of unsatisfied customers. What do you get out of this?

In fact there are a number of people that also affirm that the Espresso Italia machines are really bad quality, in fact you in the Rip Off Report said that you too had problems with the machines.

These people are not lieing and are going to show the evidence in court. Nobody is paying them to say what they are saying. These people are genuine and are only looking for justice.

Now, lets say that the ROR is a rip off like you are saying. That does not take away the truth that we are saying about Espresso Italia. We are not getting paid to say what we are saying. Espresso Italia has never wanted to respond. Why? Are you the spokesperson of the company? They dont even recieve my phone calls now!!! But you in Espresso New York say that this is a great franchise, I really dont know what motivates you to say this.

Time will tell and as the Boss says, "The truth will set you free".

Once again Linda, thanks for being in contact and for permitting me let others know about the Espresso Italia franchise. Please visit the following link to see the quality of the Espresso Italia coffee machines.

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Michael Curran Espresso Italia Comobar 2000 Fraud Victim

-- Michael Curran (, January 09, 2005.

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