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I have a 2002 f4 diamante and the bottom fairing wiggles when i ride at any speed over 45mph. It is wiggleing so much that it hits the exhaust manifold and is going to burn through. Does anyone els have this problem? Is there a fix for it?

-- Brian Walters (, September 12, 2004


Yo! I never experienced that personally. all you have to do is re-fit the whole fairing itself. There must be some loose fairing locks somewhere, better check it out one by one. It may be just that or your exhaust manifold is the one that is loose. =p

-- AJ (, September 12, 2004.

Hi Brian, I also have an 02 diamante, and have experienced the "lower fairing wiggle." Some guys I was riding with said it was really moving, so I hopped on my buddy's Aprilia and followed him on my MV. After I was done salivating over how good the MV looks going down the road, I also noticed that the bottom fairing moves around quite a bit. I've removed all the fairings numerous times, and have always made sure everything is tight. Still the fairing wiggles. I've come to the conclusion that because the bottom fairing is only mounted to the side fairings, it is going to move. I've had mine pegged in 6th gear and didn't lose the fairing. Bottom line...don't lose any sleep over it.

-- John Milotzky (, September 12, 2004.

I think they all do it to some extent, mines melted on the manifold as well. The bellypan isn't mounted to anything solid, only the middle fairing panels which are made of the thinnest plastic I've ever encountered !

No doubt MV would claim its lightweight !!

It certainly won't go anywhere, so don't worry about it.

-- Craig (, September 13, 2004.

It just looks stupid flopping around. There has to bw some fix for it.

-- Brian (, September 13, 2004.

Actually, the stock fairing panels are quite thick/heavy and way flexible. This plus the lack of lower support equals wiggle. Carbon panels alleviate this problem as they are much more rigid and a bit lighter. They barely move at all by comparison. Not the cheapest fix though. A simple aluminum stay would do the trick. Looking forward to seeing your design.

Take Care,

-- Todd G. Mazzola (, September 15, 2004.

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