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My stepfather petitioned for me (I-130) as a child in 1995 when I was 15 years old. He was a permanent resident at the time of the petition. In 1999, the petition was approved and he applied for the I-485 in 1999. However, at the end of 2001, nearly 2002, as soon as he got his citizenship he ran out on my mother and me. In addition, I also had a kidney transplant in 2000. Now that my green card interview has come about and is next month (October, 2004), can he be legally enforced to continue sponsorship, as he has not withdrawn his sponsorship. I spoke to INS and they keep giving me different responses, the first time they said that as long as the petition has been approved he cannot withdraw his support, the next time I called they said he could withdraw his petition any time before my green card interview. Please advise.

-- Thara Johnson (, September 10, 2004


He can withdraw the petition at any time. Don't go for your interview unless he is going with you.

-- Michael Boyle (, October 05, 2004.

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