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I was wondering if anyone has done the Casoli exhaust exchange? If so how did it turn out and what does it sound like. Is it worth the $800 big ones? Aslo if i wanted to take the ends off myself is there anything I can do to make the bike sound any better? Im sure this question has been asked 1000 times. Any help would be great.

-- Brian Walters (, September 09, 2004


Brain, I had mine modifyed this year, well worth it, it sounds fantastic, you can still ride past the law,if you don,t give it full beans.Down side ? You will need an Evo 3 chip,this helps mid and upper power but it runs fluffy at tick over,it smells rich.

-- guy vickers (, September 09, 2004.

I also had mine done about a month ago (UK) and agree that Casoli pipes sound great and I consider it well worth the cost (325 in UK). Following extensive research on the matter I have opted for a Power Commander III and dyno session to smooth things out and sharpen the response instead of fitting MV's RG3 chip or similar. The one chip that got rave reviews for the F4 with modified pipes was MCT's EPROM however, I contacted the guys at Motowheels who advised that the MCT chip was by far better than RG3, however, it was sold out and no longer available. They went on to advise a PCIII and dyno session to be the best option. Hope this helps. PS. I've heard Casoli's F5 which has a bored out engine to 907cc and revamped pipes and the depth of sound was incredible.....made me start to think....

-- Takis Markatos (, September 13, 2004.

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