Drydnens/B&B will not respond for a year and then ask for I&E Form

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Hi Good morning all. I have made use of the information provided on this site for a mortgage shortfall B&B were chasing 6 and half years after selling the house and this was the time frame they made the first contact. I SARN ed their soliciotrs who was some company before Dryedens. Got some information after I was told to contact B&B quoting the data act. There was several pieces of key information missing including Mortgage Deed and copies of valuation. Meanwhile didnt get any answer for some time and other then they have passed the infomartuion to B&B. Then one day got another letter for Dryedens saying that fill this I&E for and we so much and how am i going to pay. They said that they are the new company now dealing with my case. So aagin I started the same process of asking them for the information required and they said they will pass it to B&B. After that I didnt get any letter from them. I kept writing to them ( of course sending all through recorded delivery and keeping copies) but didnt get any reply. Then I send one letter that I am still waiting for a response and as they are not responding I consider this as harrasment. Then I got a letter from them saying that they are going through my letter and will respond. the letter was not from the usual person but from some one else and my title was put MRS instead of MR. After that again I didnt get any letter although I send them another letter. Then nearly after a year later I get a letter from then asking me to fill another I&E form as it has been six months since i have been paying them the agreed sum and its now up for review. I was well shocked firstly I have never acknowledged their alleged debt and secondly I have never paid them a single penny. I dont know ( may be some kind soul has been doing it for me lol) . Is it comedy of errors or what. Then 7 days later I get another letter from them which is similar to the first letter they had send me in the begining of the whole process . just standar you owe us and I&E forms.

I cannot beilive it that inspite of my repeteadly asking me they didnt contact me and then after a year they send me a letter satying I have been paying and stuff.

Can some one please advice how to deal with this. I feel this is a case of harrasment. I have as it is having a bad period in my life and this is just maiking matters worst.

Anyhelp will be greatly appreciated

Thanks Friends.. We willMarch on


-- hussain haidry (hussain_ih@yahoo.co.uk), September 09, 2004


Hi sorry just checked the papers. the first they chased was 7 and half yeras later

-- hussain haidry (hussain_ih@yahoo.co.uk), September 09, 2004.

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