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I have a Drip-o-Lator 48 cup electric coffee urn made by the Enterprise Aluminum Company in Ohio Model # GE-48 this is a 1940-1950 vintage,and I would like any and all info I can get about it mainly how to use it Thank you from Virginia.

-- Michael Shanley (, September 08, 2004


Hi Mike, I just purchased 2 large Drip-O Lators one is for 72 cups Model SU-48 the other 48 cupper (DU-48) at a garage sale for 4$ each! Both have really great black Bake0lite Art Deco Handles and killer heavy duty pour spouts. I had to replace one of the glass tube inserts but both seem to heat water to boiling. I'm not sure of this but, I think you measure out your coffee in the strainer, place the section with the tiny holes over the coffee strainer and pour the boiling water into this vessel....You then(quickly) pick up these 2 sections and put them atop the main boiler!! What a hassle!...(if indeed this is the proper procedure)...What we really need is a retired 85 year old Lutheran minister to give us the scivy. Hope this helps and if you have any ideas please let me know. Regards, Harry Golightly Houston TX

-- Harry Golightly (, January 22, 2005.

Thank you for responding to my question about the Drip-O-Lator I have a catering service and saw this on e-bay cheap , but with no instructions , I have had lots of advice but none that made sense so what I do is use a seperate pot to boil the water and then pour it thru , and let me tell you it makes a great batch of coffee !!! Thank you again . Shan Man

-- Shan (, January 25, 2005.

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