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I am with the campaign to elect Ruben K. Zamora (D) to congress in the 14th congressional district. We recently received a Melitta 10 cup mill & brew (without instructions) and I can't figure out how to start the brewing process. Please help me. And if you are interested in learning more about Ruben, and his campaign, you can go to . Thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Leland

-- Leland Harland (, September 08, 2004


I've owned 2 Melitta Mill and Brew. Here's how to operate it. Filling the water is easy, so I won't explain that. :-) On the top left, there should be a push button that pops off the lid of the grinder. Open that, and inside is a filter with a blade grinder in the bottom. This is where you load up the beans. Hopefully it came with a scoop? Anyway, one small scoop of beans = 2 cups of coffee (per the glass container.) I usually made a full pot, so I used 5 scoops. After you filled the water and beans, down below on the left where the digital timer is, there are settings for 1-7. This is the grind setting. 1 is coarse, 7 is fine, which gives you more grinds in your coffee. 4 is the default. Anyway, plug it in, set the time (it starts blinking at you,)push start, and it should start grinding. I think it's start. You can also use ground coffee, just push grind, and I think it won't start. Sorry I can't remember all the button layout. The last Melitta blew off while I was moving about a month ago. Damn.

One other thing. It will turn off automatically after an hour. To reheat, just push grind before, and it will not grind. Just reheats. Sandy

-- Sandy Baker (, September 16, 2004.

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