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Hi There, In California we are still using Ansi 1996 with some exceptions and we are going to jump soon to ANSI 2004 and bypass the messy 2000 code book. I would like to know what the added costs have been to add rope brakes to jobs. I heard a quote of 50 k per car and it sounded a little high. Also what are you doing if the brake wont fit between the machine and the bedplate and all you have for a secondary is a sheave hanging on a beam in the overhead, do you have to add some type of cat walk or extend the sheave down for more clearance ect. I everyone using HW rope brakes in the US, they seem to be the most compact.Thanks for the help. Jim

-- Jim (, September 08, 2004


You can use the rope gripper in the secondary but in the front of machine ex. you install the rope grip over the machine room floor back of the machine now you must install in the roof of the secondary front the machine or if you has a big runby install in the roof of the hoistway front of machine

-- !@#$% (, September 08, 2004.

We have been installing rope brakes for years on mods. They are not that expensive 5K parts and a day or so. We have lifted the machine in the past and built the base up on the few jobs it wouldn't fit between the sheave or base and the ropes.

-- Brian (, September 09, 2004.

You haqve got to be kidding

-- (, September 23, 2004.

hey heard a good one the other day.....customer was sold an upgrade and one of the major points was the installation of a BODE brake....all went well until they realised not on the car had safety gear but also the counterwieght had safety gear....bit pointless for the rope brake then HUH???

-- dayle (, September 24, 2004.

Go to for all Bode Brake answers

-- steve` (, January 21, 2005.

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