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How can I fix the throtlebodies to stop that annoying feeling when either downshifting hard /high vaccuum/ throtle gets harder to turn until it ...u know the feeling ...its just hard to be on a corner and then give the gas and distabilizes the whole smothness.. Thank u

-- Rui C. Gomes (1rui@verizon .net), September 08, 2004


Which modle do you have. I presume it is an F4. It sounds like the throttle bodies are out of sync. The other think that may cause it is related to the cables. It is possible that they bind either with the fork movement or the steering. Check these carefully! I hope this is helpful.

-- Cali-Kane (, September 08, 2004.

I know exactly what you're talking about. To me, it is the most annoying thing on my MV. When you let of the gas, especially at higher speeds/rpms (happens to me mostly in 5th or 6th), and when you're trying to get back on the gas, it's like the throttle is 5 times harder to turn. Does not happen in lower speeds/rpm, and I doubt it is synch or misrouted cables. Does anyone else have this problem? Seems like there is high vacuum making the throttle harder to turn in those conditions. Read on Yahoo that some have tried drilling a small pilot hole in each of the throttle butterflies to help prevent this. Can anyone confirm if it works?

-- JJ (, September 08, 2004.

Gentleman/Ladies Be4 I wrote the question I did not try to fix anything because (by the way its a F4...)since it is new 1300 miles now did this from the first day ...about the drilling ...( I understand to relieve the high vaccuum created on decel or high rpm shifting )I do not see it because we do not have a IAC motor(Idle control valve )so by drilling we would be raising the rpm to a much higher idle...I guess I'll keep doing some more home work ...

-- Rui C Gomes (, September 09, 2004.

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