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I need prints for a Dover (Miami) traction, single car with a vertical selector and GAL door equipment, installed in 1968. Can anyone help out?

-- Clark (, September 06, 2004


TKE (owner of Dover)formed VERTX to sell their material and parts to everyone else. TKE will not sell what they consider proprietary information to another elevator service company. You will need the building owner to purchase the prints for their elevator. I usually send a customer a fax with VERTX's phone numbers and the job number they will need when ordering the prints.

Best of luck,


-- Jon (, September 07, 2004.

Embree Elevator: lynn mass 26 farrar 01902 has a good selection of older prints

-- (, September 19, 2004.

Thanks for the Vertex internet sight. It is a good sight for ordering parts.

-- David A. Derk (, February 14, 2005.

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