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Hello In interested in buying your Cucaro paintings that you might be interested in selling. Please e-mail me for information.


-- Matthew Langley (mbcsican@aol.com), September 06, 2004


Dear Mathew, I have some awesome new form of art to show you.

Mr. Andrei Berger is the only person given the honor of having his work turned into a Museum by the Government of Israel and the City of Jerusalem. This is a national historical landmark. He painted the whole book of Psalms, one painting for each of the 150 Psalms. Mr. Berger is recognzed as a World Famous Artist and Scholar. This interpretation of "The Psalms" is magnificent and dense with symbolism. One could be totally unaware of the Old Testament; yet, feel this work so personally. One is drawn to The colors, the abstract style and the extraordinary contemporary inner vision and eye of this "Masterful Artist". Mr. Berger's complete dedication is to a true "PERSONAL ART" and this rich and important example of a New Renaissance. It is a challenge to "this fearful world" to see a new dawn !! and as Monet and his contemporaries forced a different and original voice in their moment. This stirring exhibit "The Psalms" moves one in the way, I imagine, the audience felt, when visiting the Atelier, of Monet, Van Gogh , Gaugin... An Awe, Excitement, Electricity, Sensuality, Spirituality, Music, Movement, Mood,and Energy for "The World of Fine Art", that was beginning to seem flat, boring ,uninspired; Most of our artists working today subconsciously are using tried and done and established examples painted by better or more original hands.......All "Deja -Vu" You can see the artwork by going to www.museumofpsalms.com After visiting the 'permanent exhibition' go back to the main page, and at the bottom, click 'purchase online' to see what is available for sale. We also have another website, http://perso.club- internet.fr/jfroger/berger/ang/berger.html We have originals, lithographs and posters, and our art is caried in Judaica stores and gift shops worldwide. Mr. Berger is a man of 80 years of age and his work is getting more valuable by the day. I am interested to hear how we can work out a deal together. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cordially, Nathan Kohn

-- Nosson Kohn (nossonkohn@yahoo.com), October 06, 2004.

Matthew - We have two Cucaro oils from, we believe, the 60's. We are currently out of town and unable to send digitals of these. We will be heading to Sausalito to do a little investigation about the artist and the art. If still interested, please respond. We will be back home in Idaho the end of the month. Debra

-- Debra Hall (debrahall@sunvalley.net), October 13, 2004.

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