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In 1880 M.D. Thomas was a train hand for C.R.R. He died in 1885 in a railroad accident in Georgia. How would I find any information about this. Thank you very much. Ann

-- Ann Thomas (, September 04, 2004


Brenda, Thank you very much for your quick response. I did email the paper asking for a search. The wreck happened around March 3.1885. That was very kind of you to steer me in the right direction. Have a great day, Ann

-- Ann Thomas (, September 11, 2004.

The Atlanta newspaper, The Atlanta Constitution-Journal, has archives that go back to the mid 1800's. If you have approximate date of the train wreck they can find it for you. There was a very bad railroad accident near Atlanta in December of 1885, I believe it was December 12th or the 15th. Hope this helps.

-- Brenda McClure (, September 11, 2004.

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