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Looking for a solution permitting me to use an Arri lens (from a 16 mm Arriflex camera) with a Leica Visoflex II. Any ideas?

-- Sven Petersson (, September 04, 2004


There does not seem to be such an adapter available if you make a Google search (which you probably already did).

I don't know the lens-to-film distance of a Arriflex 16mm camera/lens, but I imagine that it is less than the M distance -and I'm sure the arriflex distance is less than the visoflex mount to film distance. Thus, an Arri lens mounted on a Visoflex would only allow for extreme close-ups. Besides, a lens made to cover the tiny 16mm film format, will not be able fill out the frame of the 35mm format.
The usefulnes of such an adapter would be very limited, which is probably the reason why it is not available.

If there exist an adaptor which allows for attachment of an Arri lens mount to a SLR camera such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus etc. Then you may be in luck. You would then be able to:
1. Mount the Arri lens to the SLR adapter.
2. Buy an adapter that allows the SLR mount to be mounted on the M mount (Novoflex makes such adapters:

But then again; the practical use of such a setup is extraordinary limited.

Good luck with your project.

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (, September 05, 2004.

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