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Where to buy KOPI LUWAK in Canada.

-- Dan Hotler (parapapa6@hotmail.com), September 04, 2004


Difficult one to answer Dan. Authentic Kopi Luwak is about as rare as hen's teeth. Living in Indonesia I have been fortunate to try some of the real stuff- but evn getting it here requires a good relationship with the brokers and/or plantation owners. If I come accross any here over the next few months I will let you know. I get it authenticated by a Candian Prof based at Guelph- Prof Marcone. He is the world expert on testing Kopi Luwak using a variety of testing methods. Alun

-- Alun (alun@merdekacoffee.com), September 06, 2004.

Dear Siphiwe ndlovu,

Since I came back to Athens, and heard the news that you got a Special Mention Award in the Film Student Film Festival in South of Africa, I really can't hide my proud of being your close friend in the Ohio University School of Film. Looking forward to hearing from you again. When will you come back to Athens and continue your study in Com Dev? We can share our experiences--I got a lot of stories to tell from Indonesia.


Marissa Haque

-- Marissa Grace Haque (mh163701@ohio.edu), October 25, 2004.

-- marissa haque (mh163701@ohio.edu), October 27, 2004.

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