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Does anyone have a view about the rough water abilities of the Appledore 16, specifically suitability for San Francisco Bay use, albeit not in the really nasty parts. Thanks!

-- Ben Ballard (, September 03, 2004


The boat can handle quite rough water. The problem is that rowing with 9.5' oars and a sliding seat in rough water is not much fun, because it's so easy to catch a crab as the boat rocks. (This would be true of any sliding seat boat and is probably less a problem on the Appledore than any other boat.) If you're using it as a fixed- seat rig it would be great.

The best source of info I know for real-life experience with the Appledore is Gaeton at the Small Boat Shop in South Norwalk, Connecticut. (I'm sure their number is available from Information.) Gaeton has many hours on his Appledore, including part of his honeymoon!

-- Arlin Geyer (, December 09, 2004.


I have an Apledore 16 I've rowed in all the harobors from San Diego to San Francisco Bay. It's a great boat for rough water - far more comfortable - and dry - than single open wqter shells. You cn carry quite a load and maintain a decent pace. Even take company if you like. The Oarmaster with high riggers seems well sutied to the sort of very rough water and confused chop that SF Bay can deliver - it's been very reassuring.

-- Bruce Osborn (, December 09, 2004.

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