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I need to replace my 02 Pre EVO bike. Whats the difference between mine and the EVO III. I can't afford the new 1000 or 750SR, so an EVO III seems to be the bike for me. Whats the BHP ? main differences etc ? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Carl

-- (carlstatham@supanet.com), September 02, 2004


Yo! It's a matter of how fast you wanna be. It's a matter of how bad you can be. The main difference will be on it's power & the rest will rest on your shoulders -- can you handle it? BHP is measured on the bikes power in reference of the rear wheel (correct me if I am wrong, guys).

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), September 02, 2004.

Carl, They lightened the crank a lot, you can "hear" it in the engines response, different cams, valve springs and I think head porting, also Mahle pistons and barrels with oil squirters in the crankcases (something Mahle also do with Porsche) Silver wheels, I think that about it,maybe slightly higher bars,but on that i`m not clear, People who have changed from non evo to evo 2/3 have been pleased enough

-- mike (miketilston@btinternet.com), September 03, 2004.

Oh, also SPR maniflod which makes midrange stronger, and 136 against 127 hp

-- mike (miketilston@btinternet.com), September 03, 2004.

Mike, I think those horsepowe figures are for the Evo I v. Evo II. For 2000 (EVOI), the horsepower was 124hp (crank); For 2001 (EVOI), the horspower was 127hp For 2002 (EVOII), the horsepower was 137hp;

When I took a look at MV's site last year for the EVOIII, the horse power figures were still the same (except for the SPR), but MV was stating there were engine difference between the EVOII and EVOIII....but I'm not sure what.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), September 03, 2004.

Here you go. From: http://www.mvagustausa.com/2003mvagusta/engine.html

"The Evolution engine is the principal technological innovation that distinguishes the F4 and Brutale range. Characterized by a design coherent with the legendary 500 GP bikes of the past, the four cylinder inline with double overhead camshafts has undergone a series of important updates which have been introduced to increase the already impressive amount of power and torque. The improvements carried-out by MV AGUSTA’s technical staff were developed through the introduction of the following modifications: • Malhe forged pistons

• Malhe cylinder block

• Crankshaft lighter by 1kg

• Redesigned combustion chamber

• Exhaust valves with flat head

• Valve springs with variable step

• Jets for cooling the underside of the pistons

• Modified clutch hub aimed at further increasing its strength

• New exhaust manifold 4 into 1 into 2 equipped with compensators (for F4S, AGO and SPR models)

• New ratios for the primary and final drives

• New oil filter and relative fixing system"

There are also a few threads on this board between the EVOII and EVOIII.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), September 03, 2004.

Thank you all for the information. Sounds like a fair amount of changes between my Pre EVO and the EVO III. All I need now is the TWAT on the ZX6R to admit liabilty for taking me and my MV out on a bend in Wales, then it's off to the dealers for an EVO III. Once again thanks for the info. Cheers Carl

-- (carlstatham@supanet.com), September 05, 2004.

Hi Carl,

was that your bike in Superbike magazine (MV 1000 on the cover)? Sorry to see the end of an MV like that. Sue the git for the price of a Mille.


-- Gary Stewart (Gary@OceanDesign.co.nz), September 05, 2004.


Yes it was my MV...sad to say. At least my 2 year old son got in Superbike mag ! I only had the bike 6 months, but there you go.....I will get the TWAT to pay out..BIG time. Don't think the wife will be too pleased at me spending £14 k on a new MV, it's bad enough telling her that I'm going to get back to biking....she has come round to the idea of an EVO III though...good times ahead ! Cheers mate Carl

-- (carlstatham@supanet.com), September 06, 2004.

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