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I realized the other day while teaching that I am unsure how trills really work. For example, if you are in the key of G Major and have trill for the note C, do you play C to C sharp or from C to D? Is is key dependent- major or minor dependent- and furthermore, does anyone know a good resource for answering these kinds of question?

-- Jennifer Hastings (, September 01, 2004


Normally you play according to the key you're in. So, in G major the trill would be on C and D. If you're supposed to use a different note, it is usually notated with a tiny accidental above or below the trill sign.

In Baroque and Classical music, a trill on C would begin on D (that is, DCDC); in Romantic, it usually begins on the C.

I know there are some good websites out there, but haven't bookmarked any. Hopefully someone else will help with that!

-- Alice Dearden (, September 02, 2004.

You could check your music store for a book on ornamentation. It's such a large topic. Also, check out the university library nearest you.

-- anita (, September 10, 2004.

It's key dependent unless otherwise notated. A trill on C in the key of G where the composer wished you to trill from C to C# (not in the key) would have a # sign over the trill to indicate that.

-- Steve Brown (, October 01, 2004.

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