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If somebody knows how to modify standard exhaust to be louder please email me with details....

-- Grant Paynter (, September 01, 2004


U can just remove them all together and make the thing wine like a wild banshee...then again a sawzall might just do the trick... its just a joke ...relax...torch maybe ... Cheers Rui Gomes

-- Rui C Gomes (, September 02, 2004.

wow.... I may get you to service my bike.. hehehe

-- Grant Paynter (, September 02, 2004.

You have to consider that modifying the exhaust will directly affect the mapping on the bike! By opening it up, it will flow more out the exhaust, causing a mixture change in the computer. Although the computer is supposed to compensate, it can only do so within certain parameters. That being said, the easiest way is to drill out the rivets that hold on the tips. With the tips removed you remove the baffels and either leave them out altogether or cut more openings in the, but avoid the last two inches as not to loose all the back pressure. I hope this helps.

-- Cali-Kane (, September 03, 2004.

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