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Its true, after a 28 year period, the guy racing in the German Superbike Championship,Jorg T.has won a race.

Strange that it was in German, also the place of the last Ago win....

29-08-2004 JORG TEUCHERT TAKES TO VICTORY THE MV AGUSTA F41000 ON THE SCHLEIZER DREIECK CIRCUIT THE GERMAN RIDER, TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS AFTER THE LAST VICTORY OF GIACOMO AGOSTINI, WRITES HIS NAME IN THE RIDERS PALMARES WHO TRIUMPHED ON THE MV AGUSTA. Schleizer Dreieck - Jorg Teuchert, Supersport World Champion in the 2000 season wrote today his name in the legendary sport palmares of the MV Agusta. A 28 years wait, these are the years passed since the last Giacomo Agostini's victory dated August 1976. Today, just like before, the success was gained on a German circuit, the formidable Nurburing track, which, like the Schleizer Dreieck circuit, was built from an urban track. The victory of Jorg Teuchert was in the air from the test sessions in which the German rider stopped the chronometer at 1'37''363 ahead of Scheschowitsch (1'37''563) and Gebel (1'38''198) both on Yamaha R1. Failed the first effort in Race 1, in which Teuchert arrived second behind the provisional champion Schulten (Honda CBR) and ahead of Ulm (Suzuki GSXR), in the final race the MV Agusta Deutschlandís rider proved his skills and unloaded all the 180 cc of his MV bike onto the ground. Started from the pole position, at the end of the first lap Teuchert was second behind Schulten and he hunted him until the very last two laps when, with a powerful recover, Teuchert over passed the Honda CBR rider and sprinted to the success. Schulten efforts to regain the first place were useless and he progressive lost positions. For Jorg, this is the triumph that pays him back of an unlucky season, made of injuries and problems that now seem to be very far. At the end of the race the German rider, conscious of the mission succeeded, declared: "It's like a dream! After so many obstacles occurred in this season I was anxiously waiting for the day of my ransom and finally this day has come. I'm really glad of contributing to take the MV Agusta brand back to success!"


-- H/L (, September 01, 2004


That is awesome! Now the world will start to recognize what great mahcines these really are.

Congrats to Teuchert and the MV team and good luck for continued success.

-- Pete (, September 01, 2004.

An excellent marketing tool since the 1000s are hitting showrooms! :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, September 01, 2004.

Yo! Keep up the good job & please keep it going and going and going.....

NOW, let's have ROSSI ride the bike this time just for fun!


-- AJ (, September 02, 2004.

I second the Rossi ride!!! This is great news! I am actually proud that those of us who know what these machines are made of are finally getting a little "factory" support! Let's hope that this is just the beginning!!!

-- Cali-Kane (, September 03, 2004.

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