Under removal proceeding for DV

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I have been in the US for 16 years as LPR. the incident occurred in 1997 with my ex wife she had a big argument with my family than she got so upset and went outside of the house I followed her to calm her down but she was kept screaming and throwing rocks at me and one of our neighbors heard this and called the police thinking that I was hurting her. I was arrested and charged with assault even though my ex wife told them that I had not hurt her. I was ignorant of the law and my rights then I ended up pleading guilty not knowing what I was pleading to. when I applied for the citizenship the officer asked me if I was ever arrested I told her yes and decleared my arrest to the INS so they started putting me through removal proceeding. I was born in Afghanistan lived her half of my life paid all my taxes on time I have clean record good working history I have a lawyer she thinks they will cancel my removal but I was scheduled for removal hearing they canceled my hearing at the last hour they reschedule my hearing for coming DEC so I have been dealing with this since 2000 so my question is what will be the outcome of this? Sincerely,

-- Zalmay Zapalmal (lmarstoray@yahoo.com), August 31, 2004

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