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When you get a drive - cpu missmatch...

what causes it?

does the drive re-init resend the drive parameters to the cpu board?

doesn't cause you to loose parameters?

Thanks, Norm

-- norm (, August 31, 2004


Hi Norm, I know on the miprom 21 that can happen due to emerg power testing and power spikes. They made a number of differant vintage controls starting with the 6010 with reversing motor fields then miprom 1 with generator or allen bradley drives, then the megatech with analog and digital drives, then the MST Selector Megatech then they dropped the Megatech name due to copyright trouble then miprom 21 with digital drives. What exact equipment do you have, do you have the job sheets with all the parameters. The Miprom 21 controls are great controls and there is every feature under the sun that you can program into these controls.

-- Jim (, August 31, 2004.

Thanks for the response Jim.

got a 500fpm w/ AB digital drive. I tried the re-init. said it couldn't do it. I initiallized the drive, re-entered parms and relearned floor table.

Turned out fine.

Wouldn't mind more info on the DIGITAL drive if anyone has some, AC or DC.

Thanks, Norm

-- norm (, September 01, 2004.

Are the parameters stored in battery-backed memory? Ever check the battery?

-- Don Vollrath (, September 14, 2004.

Jim you are my hero is there anything you don't know Liftguy

-- (, September 23, 2004.

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