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Dear Sirs, Our company is looking for a supplier of green coffee-beans (unroasted) of such brands as Sumatran, Blue Sumatran, Gayo Mountain, Linthong, Mandheling, Anhola, Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja, Old Brown, Old Java, Old Governmen and others. Kindly respond if you can supply us the above mentioned green coffee-beans.

-- Maksim Makarov (, August 31, 2004


Dear Sir,

I can supply green Arabica FW AA & A from Central Africa see below

"Burundi AA [27/02/0028] Tastes of strong black tea and tobacco... with an aroma that suggests bitter orange or bergamot. [Earl Gray coffee?] Its winey tones are a bit of a surprise 'til you realize its origins lie just next door to Kenya geographically. Medium bodied, most of its mouthfeel comes from its tea-like astringency. This coffee has a strong presence. Slightly musty undertones [not unpleasant really, think of monsooned coffees -- but without the head-filling numbness] and finishes with a bit of milk chocolate [a la Hershey's... with a bit of sourness to it.] This coffee could make for a superbly complex addition to an espresso blend. For brewed coffee, I'd recommend a press to bring out a bit more of its body, and to keep its acidity in check."

Should you require mor information aplease contact me on the following

Attila Barath Comodex International 3rd Floor Mutual Place, Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, Johannesburg South Africa. Tel: +27-11-803-0108, Fax: +27-11-807-6997 Mobile: +27-82-442-5082

-- Attila Barath (, October 14, 2004.

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