400cc twin DOHC bike engine on fourwheeler

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I have a bike engine 400cc and i was hoping to find a fourwheeler frame and put it on that i thaught i might as well since i have running motor and mayb after wards i could sell it but ya it isnt easy findin a rollin frame missing motor for cheap and i need a way to approach building one unless somonme could help me on where to go to find one...is a bike frame simular to a atv's could u convert it or would it be better to start from scratch .....i have running motor wiring tha mouting part of tha bike where it sits for mesurments and shocks a disc with caliper and master cylinder tubing and a welder is no problem but i cant seem to start this and its buggin me your help would be aprrieciated

-- Mike (mikeitall@msn.com), August 31, 2004

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