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Hi There, I have a job that needs a temporary intercom system built and installed, the reason is kind of complicated but need some kind of temp buttoms at each floor to tell and operator inside one elevator on independant of what floor to go to and they dont want to spend the money for a standard const intercom system. A button at each floor with some lights in the cab or some kind of mic at each floor and a speaker speaker in the cab, any proven ideas. Thanks Again, Jim

-- Jim (, August 30, 2004


Jim, How about an annunciator. I believe that CJA still sells an inexpensive one. Just hang an extra small traveller and away you go. BTW, the baud rate on the hyper-terminal for T-III and T-IV is 1200, 8, none, 1, Hardware control.

-- Johnny Geus (, September 05, 2004.

jim how many floors do you need to have access.

-- tom przybyla (, September 10, 2004.

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