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Does any manufacturer make a Southern SD-40-2 in HO scale and if so who? What color paint are the colors on a Southern SD-40-2? Is it black with a gray or white stripe?

Thanks, Joe

-- Joseph T. Hofmann (, August 30, 2004



There isn't a ready to run Southern SD40-2 as far as I know, though you may find one seconhgand in brass. The high short hood seems to scare off most manufacturers, so you'll have to build and paint one yourself (or get someone else to do it for you)

There's a substantial cottage industry which makes suitable parts to convert any plastic SD40-2 to a Southern version. You can find more info on adding Southern details to plastic diesels at using Cannon and Company short hood sections

The colour scheme was black and aluminum gray which was so pale that it looks white against the black. The colour of the trim was either metallic gold (before about 1979) or dulux gold (post '79) which is a straw coloured paint. Microscale make decals for the lettering and a special set for the stripes.


-- Aidrian Bridgeman Sutton (, August 30, 2004.

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