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I just acquired one of these beauties on my route without one shread of information. Prints or manuals. Can anyone help? I am also looking for parts information. I need an alarm bell button at this time.


-- John Anthony (, August 30, 2004


RUN AWAY as fast as you can......whoever took it on is a complete moron.....cant think of a worse lift system to work on

-- dayle (, August 31, 2004.


SEES carries alot of their parts or contact VERTX. World electronics supports the product to a degree.

Good luck on prints, can't help there, i have 2 units we have maintained for quite a while with no prints, just a lot of good luck.

-- John (, August 31, 2004.

we have all the replacement buttons for these as well as a lot of troubleshooting info. give me a call 1-800-598-2444.

-- tom przybyla (, September 10, 2004.

The Ascension 1000 isn't that bad of an elevator. You should be able to get boards repaired at S&I Industries in the San Diego area. Some of the late U.S parts, may work for some digital PI's, inductors, etc. and all the door equipment is either GAL or ECI. The Schindler KQS operator is the same as the ECI. The buttons were supposed to be guranteed for five years, but that never happend. U.S Elevator came out with the Asension 2000 late 1997. Both elevators were manufactured in Mexacali, Mexico. The 2000 is the real problem. The system counts relevels. If the elevator relevels more in the current 30 days than the prior 30 days the controller faults and shuts off. It was U.S. Elevators attempt to retain the service of these units. It only pissed customers off. If you don't have a U.S. elevator diagnostic tool with the CIA module the fault can be difficult to clear. Many new Ascension 2000 were converted to MCE controls within the first year of operation because of this issue.

You should be able to have your customer (the owner of the elevator) order any necessary parts from your local ThyssenKrupp office. They are required by law to continue to supply parts for seven years after manufacture. Since Thyssen purchased US in 1994, they are technically the manufacture. They are now getting real close to seven years on the Ascension 1000's

-- Bill (, September 10, 2004.

We had the local jerk-off from KONE telling customers that if the power went out 6 times in a month, the Ascension 2000 would shut down. Wouldn't that be the same as cycling the disconnect 6 times ? He was pushing customers to modernize when all they needed was someone competent to work on their equipment.

-- (, September 12, 2004.

the kone guy, well I have the full adjusting manual what wood you like to know ,that other kone guy was properly train in shut downs if you turn the controller off 6 times you need a new one !!!!!!!!they call him flash

-- kone tech with a full adj.manual (, September 17, 2004.

Thank you so much for your input. I will try some of these ideas.... Even the one that said to "Run far far away."

-- John Anthony (, September 18, 2004.

ok mr kone adjuster man, what is the code to add to the relevel counter ? bet you have no clue.

-- (, September 18, 2004.

power supply problem on the 1000. i had a problem with the power supply on a few of my 1000,s after installing a few new power supplies with out any luck we found a fix we installed a power supply out of the 2000 into the 1000 . the 2000 has a heat sink. problem solved.

-- elevator man (, October 02, 2004.


Unitec offers repair/exchange/purchase on any number of PC boards. Call if you need a PC board pocket guide.

(800) 328-7840

-- Dan Walsh (, October 25, 2004.

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