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To The Oral-Kill: Greetings from The Oracle. I will admit that I did not read your pathetic attempt at a post, as I am still busy trying to show some deluded Negroes in the UK the true state of their being. Isn't it amusing how these things believe that they're entitled to the same rights and respect that the White men have? However, I am ready to admit a few things to you and the gentle readers of this board:

I have been coping with the fact that I have been infected with Hepatitis B. Through the 90's, I was ever traveling this great nation, having been thrown out by my episcopalian parents when they learned the embarrassing truth about my sexuality. To this day, I do not know if it was the intravenous drug use or the multitude of anonymous sexual encounters that gave me this "curse", if you will, but I'm not going to let it hinder my quest to change the world and help people see the truth.

Throughout most of my childhood, I was sexually abused by my father's friend, Jason Nihoff. When I came to an age of reason, I felt worthless and weak, and I often found myself feeling a bit suicidal. All of the memories of those nights, those horrible encounters, hours upon hours of rough fondling and forced sodomy... It was too much for a fragile little boy such as I was to deal with. My physical wounds have long healed, but the wounds of my heart are just starting to callous over. I trust that things will be better with time.

I have admitted these facts to the gentle readers of this board to share a little more about myself. Perhaps now, you will all feel closer to your beloved Oracle, and you shall see The Oracle as a human, and not a cold, faceless entity (I cannot imagine where this image came about).

Now I shall leave. These deluded Negroes will not help themselves.

...Humor in truth.

-- Whora-kill (, August 29, 2004


No, it is YOU dipshit

-- foo (, September 06, 2004.

It was actually me, Oral-kill. I swear, I came up with it myself in the Anarchy 2 Boards.

One of the things I regretted was not typing the confessions in the third person (i.e. "The Oracle was molested" instead of "I was molested").

Yeah, so, mystery solved.

-- The Penis in the Rye (, September 13, 2004.

you racist fuck. Yeah you've got problems, but so does everyone else. you shouldn't try and make yourself feel better by victimizing someone else. Let the abuse end with you - be a dear - have a cup of tea and some shut the fuck up.

-- Explosive Diorama (dumbass@you.idiot), September 22, 2004.

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