Were Jack and/or Rose supposed to be virgins?

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Were Jack and/or Rose supposed to have beem virgins when they met? Cal has lines like "I had hoped you would come to me last night," but Rose didn't even like him, so i doubt she would have slept with him, but I'm not sure. And Jack hung around nude girls in Paris, so why wouldn't he. But he was supposed to be portrayed as the "good guy". I'm so confused!!!

-- Rachel Andersson (mfwalker@erols.com), August 29, 2004


Hi Rachel, I know one thing for sure. Rose was a virgin. I think Jack is too, but there are better chances of her being one, and him not.

-- Ashley (Muziclovr011@Aol.com), November 14, 2004.

But how do you KNOW?????? there is another line that was deleted it's something to the effect of:

Trudy: everything is so new! just think miss. when i slip into the sheets tonight, i shall be the first! Cal: (approaching rose and gripping her shoulders) and when I slip into the sheets tonight, i shall also be the first. the first and only forever.

In that scene, he is of course, referring to intimacy. u see why im confused?!

-- Rachel Andersson (mfwalker@erols.com), November 15, 2004.

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