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Hello all, I have just purchased the RG3 mufflers & Eprom. I fitted the mufflers without a problem. I then replaced the Eprom & found the engine at low RPM a little different to before & it didnt feel normal. I found in previous posts on this site that others have had similair problems when replacing their Eprom's, and they only adjusted the CO% to rectify this. The RG3's came with a data sheet on how to check the Throttle valves angular position, Throttle body adjustment, Leveling of the intake ducts, & adjusting the CO%. I am yet to do any adjustment to the CO level & am wondering if the throttle valves, throttle body & intake ducts really require checking or adjustment? I know of others have adjusted their CO% level without a CO meter & just kept adjusting until they were happy with the engine response. I would prefer to do an adjustment with a meter & want to know if an Air/Fuel ratio meter can be used instead of a CO meter? Any advise is apprieated. Thanks

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (fiorello@iinet.net.au), August 29, 2004


i dont have the co% answer, but i did speak to one of the owners at Munroe Motors in San Fran when they installed my RG3's and he mentioned that i should wait on the chip, his factory rep told him that they are working on a new one and it will be out before years end. you may want to wait a bit. tove

-- TOVE SORENSEN (tove13@aol.com), October 15, 2004.

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