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Can someone tell me what "E.M.E." means. This is a term used in conjunction with SCHINDLER elevators.

-- John Brannon (, August 28, 2004


It sounds as though you might be referring to the EME relay.

I do not know the answer to your specific question, the meaning of the acronym E.M.E. but I understand that the EME relay is in the primary drive circuit of some Schindler-Haughton equipment (I've seen it on that 1980s solid-state controller with lots of wire-wrap on the back).

If it opens, the car stops. As I recall, the thing that opens the EME relay is an unacceptable difference between the required speed at this instant and the actual speed given by the tachometer (maybe there are other fault conditions that drop power to the EME relay).

I understand that this safety feature is very "finicky" on some jobs and causes "EME relay trip" emergency stops when there is apparently no real problem in terms of the difference between the required speed at this instant and the actual speed. I say "finicky" because I don't know anything about the cause so I don't know if this could properly be termed a "design issue" or some "noise problem" or "component wear".

I understand that maintenance contractors in-the-know have at least one "fix" that makes it less "finicky", probably by requiring a slightly longer fault period, but still presumably performs its task of monitoring car speed.

This might not be the E.M.E. that you refer to.

Barry Finch

-- Barry Finch (, August 28, 2004.


-- (BILELEVATE@PRODIGY.NET), September 21, 2004.

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