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I'm an italian bookseller looking for a few professional books on resistance welding. My I have any title? thanks for your help!

marco zirotti libreria atlantide. Italy

-- libreria atlantide (, August 27, 2004


For "large scale" resistance welding the bible is Resistance Welding Manual, Fourth Edition, available from

For "smale scale" resistance welding if you can find it, copies of "Resistance Welding, Economic joining of metals in the manufacture of small components" by Franz Gruber, published by Messer Griesheim, Germany 1997 Regards, Kurt Tolliver kurt(@)

-- Kurt Tolliver (, August 27, 2004.

Check our web site: for information about our two new books: "Resistance Welding Safety for Operators" and "Resistance Welding Schedule Development" E-mail us about distributor information. Thank you.

Also check link from

-- bob szabo (, August 30, 2004.

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