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My boyfriend and I are thinking about marriage but we have one problem. He has been living in the U.S now for seven years illegally and I am in the military. How do we go about getting married and making him legal.

-- Candice Miller (, August 25, 2004


I have the same question? and If you have any info could you pass the word to me thank You, I'll do the same for you

-- David Silva (, September 12, 2004.

Unfortunately I have the same question, so if someone finds out please let me know


-- reagan booysen (, September 27, 2004.


I have the same problem. I can tell you that your fiance' has several choices depending on whether the etry into the country was legal. If the fiance entered into the country illegally then that person usually needs to go back or at least file for forgiveness, but if they came into the country legally then adjustment of status is easier and you should be able to stay...

I am still looking for the annswe as to whether forgiveness waiver is better than just going back..


-- Aaron (, March 07, 2005.

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