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Is there a way to reset the fault count on Montgomery ES-5000 escalators. I know you can with World tool but is there any other way? Thanks.

-- Nic (, August 25, 2004


Remplace the main board should reset in the same board the first version has problem i remplace 2 and problem resolve never trip permanent again. is expensive !!!!! call KONE parts!!!!!

-- !@#$ (, August 25, 2004.

to answer your question. the faults cannot be reset without a service tool. the reset button on the cpu board will not clear the faults as you think it would.

-- (, August 25, 2004.

then take kone (person)to lunch and borrow his or hers tool it all about give and take I sure at some time the kone person will take you to lunch happy hunting

-- a small hammer to the brake board (, September 17, 2004.

I have friends that work for each company here and we do help one another but I would not want to jeopardize their jobs for anything. Thanks anyway.

-- Nic (, September 18, 2004.

The large corporations are ruining this trade, they screw customers into thinking they need expensive repairs or mods when most elevators can be maintained properly and force employees to find ways to make calls billable. We brothers need to stick together and maintain some integrity because sooner or later we are working next to each other. I work for an independant and can be honest with my customers, make a profit and sleep good at night.

-- Michelle Uecalow (, January 17, 2005.

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