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Yo! I'm almost done of closing a deal with a local MV Agusta dealer here (whom happens to be the same dealer for Aprilla, Guzzi, Husky) for a straight swap with my old Biposto F4 with 14T kms. for a truly F4 Monoseat with 5T kms. The deal also consists of buying myself another bike -- the BRUTALE! My mind keeps on telling me to buy a more sensitive bike like the Cagiva Raptor which is priced less but my heart keeps on jumping at a mere sight of a Brutale. Can't wait to lay my hands on those wonderful bikes. Cheers!

-- AJ (, August 21, 2004


suzuki won't allow the x-raptor into the states.

get the brutale.

don't ask the lambo forum if you should get a ferrari instead. :D

-- mod (, August 25, 2004.

Yo! I am now waiting for the delivery of the first Brutale here. I experienced riding both bikes before, and I would say that they definitely have their own distinct attitudes. I can say that the X- Raptor really is smooth and yet powerful. You can feel the "G-force" go into you once you turn those throttles. It's fast, it's sleek, it's simply amazing! The Brutale is ont to be unaccounted for, mind you.It has the nimbleness, easy-to-carry-on, the most balanced bike you can have in your lifetime. Not to mention the heritage -- which is of course, priceless...... Hmmmmm. Mama Mia, lemme' get hold of those chicks once I show them my baby.

-- AJ (, August 25, 2004.

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