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First, forgive me if this is inappropriate for this group. If so, my apologies to the admin.

I just wanted to let everyone here know about a site where you can discuss the MV (and others too). It's little easier to use than here and some of you might benefit from it.

Please visit:


-- Eric (, August 20, 2004


Yo! Nice website. Lots of topics. Superbly designed. But, I didn't notice where MV riders can discuss about their bikes?

-- AJ (, August 21, 2004.

Does seem like a well designed site, but geeezzus.. do we NEED another MV site to spread our numbers even thinner? I see there is only ONE post in the MV section..

Besides THIS dedicated MV site, there already is and and the Yahoo MV site at Agusta/ ..all good sites...with a few cross-over posters, but it's simply baffling to me.

Unlike every other bike group on earth which seems to be smart enough to assemble at ONE site ... BMW, Triumph, R1, ST1300, GSX'ers, GS'ers, etc, etc.. the MV guys just seem to be scattered like the wind with no need/desire/urge to pool their resourses in order to become a power to be reckoned with.. No organized rallys like all the other brand bikes.. just random track days with a handful of people..

When the other groups discover a problem with their bikes..and there are many, due to their strenght of numbers, the manufacturer actually listens and does something about it. I saw this happen recently at the ST1300 Chat site when they were ALL complaining about engine heat probs. Honda corporate actually stepped in and made design changes..!! At the K1200RS site at, BMW corporate actually checks in from time to time... and they LISTEN.

Just imagine if EVERY MV owner assembled at the same site.. and all complained about the crushed thumb problem, or the semi-truck turning radius...or more importantly.. the feeble rear brake.. and just think what would happen if we (as a group) contacted the manufacturer and said we're mad as hell and not gonna take it any more.. Trust me.. they would at least look into the problem...

Unfortunatly... I see no signs of this happening.. seems to me almost zero comraderie.. Italy will give us exactly what THEY want to give us.. and we'll take it.. and we'll be silent about it.. O, well..

-- Pirate (, August 25, 2004.

I agree with the rear brake issue. I was looking into changing it with the Axis brakes. The rear brake sucks. As far as the crushed thumb deal, I haven't really had a problem with it. The truck like turning....hahahah....... that's true. But what are they going to do about that? The bike needs better brakes and a more comfortable seat. I've already changed mine once, but I'm probably going to change it again.

-- Brett (, August 25, 2004.

I was one of those Honda ST 1300 owners who bitched and moaned about the leg-cooking engine heat, both on the owner's forum and to the regional reps. I was not aware that Honda addressed the issue. I assume that means they corrected the problem in the new models and did not offer relief to original owners. Either way, good to see they stepped up to the plate finally.

I thought it was just me having a problem not stopping from the rear brake. That and the useless mirrors are the only complaints I have so far about my Brutale. I would think that some 3rd party manufacturer would have come up with new mirrors by now but maybe the numbers are simply too small to worry about us MV owners. As for the rear brakes, what are people doing? How expensive would it be to upgrade? I assume we're talking new rotor and pads.

Any advise would be appreciated.

-- Tom Solimine (, August 26, 2004.

well regarding the rear brake thing I changed to a thicker (race spec) brake fluid and haven't had a problem with it fading. The thumb lock...not so much an issue until you are dealing with the "semi-truck" turn radius. ^_^

regarding the multiple MV sites to the relative small number of MV owners....well all I can say is that I tried. First people complained about this place not being reliable, to slow, and now really search friendly. Then there were complaints about the Yahoo board formatting...... So I tried. But as we see you can't please everyone. more and more boards keep popping up. A couple of small rules aside I've left the please pretty open for people to make it their own, but still more and more sites come up. I have a lot of memebers but only a few post. But honestly that is fine with me because I like the content and for the almost 2 yrs it's been up there has been pretty much no drama between memebers that I am aware of.

I don't know why but it seems the MV community here in the States just wants thing easy. twice I've tried to organize gatherings but few people are willing to commit and/or want it in their backyard which really isn't fair to everyone. Until people decide it's something that they really want then its not going to change unfortunately

-- TP (, August 26, 2004.

My experience with discussion forums, whether car or bikes, is that the "regulars" essentially shape the atmosphere of the forum. and Greenspun are my favorite MV sites, even though I occassionally lurk on MVAgustamadness and Yahoo, and each site has a different flavor because of the different poster.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, August 26, 2004.

Speaking of the devil, Allan, you not going to dodge this year get together at Pahrump, are you? :P

-- D. Allen Nguyen (, August 28, 2004.

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