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A website discussing the former C&WC line from McCormick SC to Anderson SC has a photo of a depot in Calhoun Falls SC that is identified as being the former C&WC depot.

The only problem is that this is not the C&WC depot I took a photo of in the mid 80s. The C&WC depot I saw was in very poor shape, lacked a bay window, and was painted in the ACL gray & brown scheme.

The quality and the angle of the photo shown on the website are such that I can not tell if it is a C&WC depot or an SAL depot. The layout of the doors and windows on the end of the depot appear to be similar to the larger C&WC depots I've seen (Owings SC/McCormick SC) but the bay window seems to be rectangular like those on SAL wood depots. Also the roofing material seems to have a diamond pattern so common to SAL depots.

My questions to anyone who is familiar with the area or has passed through taking photos is: who constructed the depot shown on the referenced website - the SAL or the C&WC? Also does anyone know if the other depot I saw/photographed in the 80s is still standing (doubtful)? Thanks.

-- Buddy Hill (, August 20, 2004

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