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i have read previous posts regarding the chain adjustment. i am not clear if the 6mm gap between the centre of the chain & the lowest part of the chain guard is when the chain is being tensioned by your finger or when it is at is normal level. Thanks

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (, August 20, 2004


Hello Fiorello, When it is at normal level.

-- Masis (, August 20, 2004.

Something I didn't know until the past couple of months was this posted on yahoo:

750F4S: Standard 40T gearing = 6mm +1 41T gearing = 7mm +2 42T gearing = 8mm +3 43T gearing = 10mm

I had been running my 43T much too tight even though chain sag seemed to be fine for free play.


-- James (JAMESCORELL@GMAIL.COM), August 20, 2004.

thanks for the answers, i will check & adjust my chain today.

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (, August 20, 2004.

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