where in the uk can i get side infill panel.

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Was out rideing this weekend ond when i got down to cleaning the F4 i noticed the right hand side silver in fill panel(you know the one bellow the fuel tank that your legs are against)was missing. I traced my rideing route twice, i think it may have been put in someones bin. I rang 3xs who told me they arnt getting any for a while, and bloody ebay hasnt got any. Does any one know where i can buy one from in the UK?? Breakers with an MV maybe?? Strange but i some how cant see my self rideing it untill its compleate. Thanks

-- brandon bee (brandonbee@tiscali.co.uk), August 19, 2004


time to go the "carbon Fiber" route my friend, you can get them from casoli(uk)100 per pair, i think i was for mine.

cheers john k

-- john b kennedy (john@kennedytransport.co.uk), August 20, 2004.

Just to stop it happening again, when the seat is lowered it covers the top of the sidepanel, using a small 2mm or so drill, put a hole through the covered bit or use the drill to slot the panel to take a tyrap, then loosely tyrap to the subframe, it will never be seen when the seats down,and you won`t loose another

-- mike (miketilston@btinternet.com), August 20, 2004.

I did the same thing but mine was the left hand side one that was missing I too gota price for a new one I think it was 120 from 3x however I do know someone who has got a right side panel that he would probably sell to you it is John at Born 2b wild tel 01684 291625 however if anyone who has changed theirs from carbon fibre and would like to sell me a left hand side one i would be grateful in any condition by the way I have tie wrapped my rh side one on now as detailed above Regards Les

-- Les Spragg (zen22731@zen.co.uk), August 20, 2004.

carbon infill panels on ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&rd=1&item=2487555012&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

These are my last set for a few weeks.

Cheers Bridget

-- Bridget (ago_fan@carbonsport.com), August 20, 2004.

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