looking for dory to sail/row to Alaska

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I've been contemplating a trip from WA to Alaska for some time and would love to do it in a dory in which I can camp or pull up on shore when feasible. I once had a 21' Alpha dory from Bainbridge Island which I unfortunately sold, but it would have been perfect. It was sprit rigged, had two rowing stations, and an outboard well, and also had plenty of room to rig a shelter. I live in Colorado, but would consider traveling most anywhere to find the perfect boat.

Thanks, Rob

-- Rob Lewis (rob353@earthlink.net), August 19, 2004


I am wa-a-a-y behind in keeping up with this site!

Have you seen the Odyssey, a kit out of Washington State?

I have no idea of the quality of this boat, but it looks interesting to me. They have a rudder and dagger board kit for it and, oddly enough, no info on sail and mast step. I should think that a sprit or lugsail of something like 75 sq ft would not overpower it for the remote sailing that you would be doing. You should be able to rig a bracket for a motor of say 2-3 HP that would serve as an auxiliary.

I sail, row & putt-putt a fiberglass 16' Crawford Swampscott Dory, often on the Maine Island Trail. With a 6' beam it is wider than most Swampscotts and as a result is a bit more of a sailboat and less of a rowboat than its narrower relatives. 3.3 HP seems to give hull speed. Hell of a good boat.

I use threaded inserts in the thwarts to bolt down a temporary plywood deck. This deck allows me to stow gear under, leaving a clear passage to the mast or anchor as required, as well as a sleeping or fly-fishing platform well out of any wetness in the bilges. Since a dory is flat bottomed, it is ideal to ground out with the tide overnight. I swing the sprit pole from the snotter and halyard as a ridgepole for a boom tent. You can either row or power with the tent up, but of course sailing is out.

The whole thing works out quite well except for those days when it just rains like piss pouring out of a boot and there is no substitute for a hard roof over your head.

If you are interested, I can send you some pics of the layout I use.

Calm Seas & A Prosperous Voyage Malcolm

-- Malcolm Forbes (malcolmf@verizon.net), December 20, 2004.

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