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I just moved to annapolis and i'm looking into learning how to scull and eventually get my own. I've checked out rowing clubs but the season's almost over and I want to get into it asap. I rowed competitively in college but just in pairs and eights and have never sculled before. Does anyone have advice on where to learn and also what kind of boats I should look into getting?

-- amy jean yoon (, August 18, 2004


Hi, Amy, I can't comment on clubs in Annapolis, but I would strongly recommend that you see about going to Craftsbury ( (in Vermont) for a weekend or a week. They have some world-class rowers on their staff (both sweep and sculls), who can help you make the transition from sweep to sculls, plus they have a wide variety of boats to try, so you can see where your current comfort level is.

John Swensen

-- John Swensen (, August 19, 2004.

Hi Amy,

also take a look at this website of a rowing camp in Virginia

I've not taken classes there, but I have visited. Seems like a very nice place.


-- Michael Kaspareck (, August 19, 2004.

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