Okay. well. Um...

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So, i really haven't been around for the last.....year. or so.

but i come back here, and there's actually people..posting here?

Or so i think. then i check the IPs, and ....you all post from the same IP. so let me ask this:

Are you guys like, all in one school/computer lab? Or is the work of one person who just has way too much free time?

oh, and just one more thing...

Sorry i haven't been around much. school/work/family (insert generic excuse here). But it's good to see people still going here.

-- Moderator Dude (I@@like.swords), August 16, 2004


well we usally post when were bored in skool... but from different rooms and stuff so its weird that it said that. @_@

well hey mod dude.... your davey right...? yay! someone who dosnt live next door to me is posting! n_n

-- ...Emiko... (lains_shadow@@hotmail.com), August 21, 2004.

*nodnod* It's good to see some people here. Enjoy this place!

-- Moderator Dude (I@@Like.swords), August 21, 2004.

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