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I am seeking information (and images) of the Columbus Factory station - also called the Clapp's or Clapp's Factory station - on the North & South Railroad line (a.k.a. the "Narrow Gauge line," later the Columbus & Rome Railway), three and a half miles north of Columbus, GA. This was a small station with no post office, about three-quarters of a mile east of the Clapp's Factory community on the Chattahoochee River. The North & South Railroad was chartered in 1870. The station was in place by 1879. The factory closed in the mid-1880s and the station had probably closed by 1886 or 1887. I am interested in determining the precise location where the station stood (now within the city of Columbus), as well as obtaining any information pertaining to the station or pictures of it. I believe this rail line was bought by the Savannah & Western Railway, went into receivership, and was absorbed into the Central of Georgia system. Thanks.

-- John Mallory Land (, August 15, 2004



The 1898 list of CofGa stations does not show a station called either "Columbus Factory" or "Clapp's Factory." The following table shows stations on the R line, which was only complete to Greenville as of 1898:


Siding Capy





R 292





Geo. H. Ford

R 296 ..... ..... ..... Whitesville .....
R 299 9 ..... ..... Nankipooh .....
R 302 11 F. L. ..... Fortson T.W. Fortson
R 304 ..... ..... ..... Hines Crossing .....
R 306 ..... ..... ..... Mobley .....
R 307 18 F. L. C. A. Cataula J.W. Brawner
R 311 12 ..... ..... Kingsboro .....
R 315 17 F. L. H. Hamilton E.R. Dozier
R 319 9 ..... ..... Tiptop .....
R 324 34 F. L. M. C. Chipley J.W. Caldwell
R 328 10 ..... ..... Brandywine .....
R 331 30 F. L. S. Stinson W.T. Brown
R 337 5 F. L. H. C. Harris City C.E. Carriker
R 341 18 F. L. C. J. Greenville J. Baxley

A search on the data for "columbus" gives the following table:

Third Divison - Between Fort Valley and Columbus
Fourth Division - Between Columbus and Birmingham
S 291 1500 L. C. ..... Columbus Passenger Depot Geo.H. Ford, Union Ticket Agent
S 291 1500 ..... ..... Columbus Passenger Depot (Baggage) G.T. Miller, Baggage Agent
S 291 1500 ..... S. W. Columbus Passenger Depot Train Master
S 291 1500 ..... S. D. Columbus Passenger Depot Train Dispatchers
S 291 1500 L. C. M. O. Columbus City Office, 11th St .  J.A. Roland, City Ticket Agent
P 291 1500 F. ..... Columbus G.L. Candler
P 292 ..... L. ..... Chattahoochee Geo.H. Ford
Fourth Division - Between Columbus and Searight
S 292 ..... L. C. ..... Columbus Broad Street J.A. Roland, Ticket Agent
Fouth Division - Between Americus and Columbus
Fourth Division - Between Columbus and Greenville

Note that "P292 Chattahoochee" does not contain "columbus" and was added into the table by hand. This was the station at Second Avenue.

Sincerely, Ron. Wright

-- Ron. Wright (, August 19, 2004.

Dale and Kevin - Thank you both for your responses.

Dale, I am interested in knowing more about the maps you mentioned and how to access them.

Kevin, I agree that the station was probably farther out than the one Dale has on 2nd Avenue. I am interested in investigating the site at 45th Steet (I expect to be in Columbus next in mid-October).

I have scanned a detail from a 1907 map that I will send both of you that shows structures in the area - perhaps one of you will have more insight on what the map shows. Thanks again!

-- John Mallory Land (, August 17, 2004.

Hi: Sorry Dale to disagree with you on this one. The 2nd Ave depot was actually Mile zero on the C&R. the station he is talking about was actually at near the present day crossing of Manchester Expy (45th St.) and river. I Belive the depot site would have been just behind the present day shell station. It was in use until WW1, because G of Ga. was running locals out to it using a ex IC 2-6-4. Hope this helps.

Kevin Kline

-- Kevin Kline (, August 16, 2004.

The Sanborn Digital Maps I have of Columbus, Ga from 1885, 1889, 1895, 1900 show a depot that later on was called 2nd Ave. Depot where 2nd Ave crosses the current CofGa (NS) line. It was located in the junction of the Columbus & Rome Rwy. and the CofGa line and looks like it served both lines. This station would have been placed near 3.5 miles north of the "center" of Columbus, but I don't have any idea if this is the station you're speaking of. I'll give more info about the maps if you're interested.

Dale E. Burns Webmaster, Dale's Alabama Rail Pic's

-- Dale E. Burns (, August 16, 2004.

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