What are people paying for the Brutale S?

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If anyone has any info on a fair offer to make on one of these beauties, let me know.


-- Chris Caines (chriscaines@prula.com), August 13, 2004


where in this little world are you based regards Leif Australia

-- Leif (ltk@bigfoot.com.au), August 13, 2004.

Los Angeles, California....

-- Chris Caines (chriscaines@prula.com), August 15, 2004.

I'm pretty sure that the Brutale S is selling very well in California so I wouldn't expect a penny off of MSRP. In Texas, they sit a little longer. The owner was willing to give me a whopping $250 off list, claiming to have never offered a discount on an MV before.

I bought one with 1,000 miles on it and the first maintenance already done on it for $11,450 on eBay. My savings, once all costs of a new one are included such as the $495 set up fee and the $500 first service fee, came to over $3,500.

I have noticed since then that a New York dealer had two new ones on eBay starting at $12,000. As the riding season comes to an end in the North, expect to see lots of deals on remaining stock.

-- Tom Solimine (Tsolimine@amph.com), August 16, 2004.

I was told $14,500 out the door w/ tax license by a friend looking for one.

I could not find one in stock in California...so bought a slightly used one for $11,500.

It is fantastic. I can't tell you how enjoyable it is. It turns on a dime, faster than stink, surreal sound, and gets tons of comments.

There is a new dealer opening NOW in Brea California...the Triumph dealer there (forget the name). I do not know them, thogh they are very established, and I am getting a scheduled service done there. On the phone, they were very good.

-- Kevin Deal (kevin@upscaleaudio.com), August 16, 2004.

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