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hi to all. i'm an electrical engineering student, in my final project i have to build a model of an elevator. i want to know where can i find flowcharts diagrams, or a controler diagram or anything like that. anything will help. thanks.

-- yaniv (yanivchuck@walla.co.il), August 13, 2004


Hi There, I have built many woking model elevators, and have been in elevator world magazine with them and have built a hydralic elevator model. I have also used them in Union Elevator school classes and at NASES workshops. The easiest model to build is 1/12 scale with a windshield motor for a machine with 1/16 eq cable with power doors. You can use relays or plc for controler and use 1/2 tubing for the hoistway. where are you located.Can you weld and have a lathe and work with sheetmetal. You can buy a lego model if you dont want to get into that from elevator world. What are your requirments for the model from school, what type of controler do you have to build.

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), August 13, 2004.

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