Where can I get a copy of controller diagram for an Old Otis Elevator Model 10UCL

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Our Building have an old Otis Geared type elevator with AC Motor-DC Generator with DC Hoist Motor system. The specifications is as follow: Otis Elevator Model 10UCL AC-DC Genset with DC Hoist Motor Controller wiring diagram; J07257401D 220V 3phase 3wire 60HZ Install 1976

Unfortunately, the wiring diagram was burned due to a fire in the machine room. We have dificulty in repairing the controller without the diagram. Is there anybody out there who have access to said wiring diagram?

Best regards,

Willie Chua advance@info.com.ph

-- Willie Chua (advance@info.com.ph), August 13, 2004


Call your local OTIS office their can sell the original prints

-- !@#$% (elevatorpr2000@yahoo.com), August 14, 2004.

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