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For any of you who may be interested, ProItalia in Montrose California (near LA) is now an MV dealer. I was just over ther and they have 2 Brutales and a 750 SPS on the floor. I guess that they are expecting more bikes before long but they could not tell me what.

-- Cali-Kane (, August 12, 2004


I just sent them an e-mail and got a prompt response. Here's the e- mail and a link to their site. They have some good F41000 articles too.

Allan, We are taking deposits and have began ordering the 1000. Probably won't see them for about 30-45 days. We can work out some kind of trade. Thanx Jake

Jake Simoneaux Pro Italia Los Angeles Ducati Aprilia MV Agusta Open Saturday and Sunday tel: 818-249-5707 fax: 818-249-3402

PS: Yes, my silver, bi-posto '02 MV is for sale for $13K (180 rear tire, 16t drive sprocket and new battery with 10K miles)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (, August 12, 2004.

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