VVVF for Permenant Magnet Syncronous motor

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I am using OMRON L7 series invertor for my asynchronous traction motor drive. Is there any special type of VVVF system is there for the Permenant Magnet Syncronous motor. If so please give the manufacturer details.

-- S.Sivakumar (ssivakumar@sesmt.com), August 11, 2004


We are a German company which is developing and producing elevator drives for asynchroneus and synchroneus machines. Our engineers have more than 20 years experience with ACVV and VVVF drives. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Steffen Wogram

-- S.Wogram (s.wogram@t-online.de), August 11, 2004.

Our company, Virginia Controls, Inc., is currently producing control systems for Permanent Magnet Syncronous Motors. We have numerous installations running right now. Feel free to contact us for details and pricing.

-- Chris Maida (sales@vacontrols.com), August 12, 2004.

Dear Sir,

we are a german elevator company and we develop and produce frequency inverters for elevators for many years. We have about 6000 installations with our frequency inverters, type "GOLIATH-60" in germany, europe and far east in the last 4 years and there are running some hundreds of synchron motors for elevators with different synchron machines like ZETASYN/ZETATOP from Ziehl-ABEGG, EPM/ECD from APLHA, synchron motors from LAT, SAD/WITTUR, NINGBO-XINDA and other chinese manufactors. Please donīt hesitate to contact me if You need further informations about our inverters. You can also take a look in the web at www.kw-aufzugstechnik.de

Best regards Stefan Mueller Manager Development Department KW-Aufzugstechnik GmbH Germany

-- Stefan Mueller (mueller@kw-aufzugstechnik.de), August 13, 2004.

You can use Unidrive Classic or Unidrive SP from Control Techniques. Please visit http://www.liftdrives.com or http://www.controltechniques.com for further information.

-- wk loh (wkloh@controltechniques.com.sg), August 19, 2004.

Dear Sirs, we can offer you our product the MICOVERT 2000 NG a Flux-Vector- controlled frequency-inverter with many features. If you need more information about this product please see our Homepage under www.micotrol.de or contact us directly.

With best regards

MICOTROL International GmbH

-- Alice Maria Salber (a.m.salber@micotrol.de), November 26, 2004.

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