1936 Hobart coffee grinder 3330 for sale

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For Sale: I recently aquired a 1936 Hobart coffee grinder model #3330. It is in very good condition with very little wear cosmeticly and works perfectly. All the lights are in working order and all controls and mechanisims are working. I was going to use this for a shop but have decided to open a diferent type of business. It wieghs approximatly 90lbs and because i live in a border town, i can ship it both to the US or Canada. I have seen these coffee grinders when looking for around 5-600us and one in mint shape for $850. I paid 600us and would like to get at least that out of it. I have photo's so you can request them by emailing me at darkxox@hotmail.com . I look forward to hearing from you. Seller: Darcy I

-- darcy nefeld (darkxox@hotmail.com), August 10, 2004

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