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check out this article for some good laugh

and check out the options in the poll I can't find the one to vote for "all of the above"!

man, I swear, sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất của Vietnam is the most horrible airport I've ever been to!! still pissing thinking about it. The last time I was there, back in 2000, nhân viên phục vụ mất dạy ghê hồn (must be cause I didn't bribe him). Vừa ra cửa sân bay, là bị người bán nước keep shoving the water bottle into my face! Where are those people come from ??

má tui về VN khoảng 3 tháng ago, and let me just remind you that, khi vào bathroom th́ bring your own paper, cause there are none in there!! and you probably don't want to spend much time in there, as it smell horrible.

Má tui nói chổ có bathroom sạch là mấy chổ stop của Cafe Sinh du lịch à

nói thiệt, sân bay quốc tế con kẹt ǵ mà can't compare to a little airport ở cái thành phố nhỏ tui ở, mà giờ c̣n bày đặt làm cửa thêm especially cho các nhà đầu từ nước ngoài !!! So they got the special treatment, while the rest of us still having to deal with the usual horrible service, bathroom, attitude ???? oh, did you notice that, they only give the "attitude" to Vietnamese ? while they being real nice to the white person ?

Oh that remind me, I got a trip to Vietnam next year


-- Nong Bi' Dai" (, August 10, 2004

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