I want to buy a 2004 MV Agusta Brutale

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I'm coming off a 2004 BMW 1100 S Boxer Cup Prep. Want something smaller, better canyon bike. Love the S, but the weight was starting to bug... I road the Brutale about three weeks ago and was impressed. Because it was a brand new bike, I didn't open it up beyond 7000 or 8000, so I didn't really get to feel the rage of the bike. I am thinking about buying the Brutale, the Tuono or the Multistrada. There are so many good bikes, what does one do?

-- Chris Caines (chriscaines@prula.com), August 09, 2004


Someone buys the Brutale:) It is just an amazing bike. I just love. Last month one of the British Magazine compared all these bikes. Even though the Brutale has the smallest engines they ended up picking it over the Tuono, MOnster SR4, Bellini, etc...

-- Eric Kaczmarek (eric_minou@yahoo.com), August 09, 2004.

That test was in the July 2004 issue of Superbike Magazine.

-- Ian Sylvester (sylvesterian@hotmail.com), August 09, 2004.

Here is another test which is overall very positive..

http://bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au/portal/tabID__5760/BikeArticleID__119 409/DesktopDefault.aspx

Hope it works as a link.

-- Ian Sylvester (sylvesterian@hotmail.com), August 09, 2004.

Yo! Stick with the MV Agusta Brutale. Rave Reviews. Great Bike. Beautiful Babes will ride with you -- definitely! Cheers ! ! ! ! ! !

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), August 10, 2004.

hello Chris- it's surely something different..as the BMW.. but makes a lot of fun, even you ride it day by day to work through the city. Ok..the Aprilia Tuono does make also a lot of fun.. but not that much. .

-- lubo (plubo@web.de), August 10, 2004.

Hello Chris,

My former bike was a BMW R1100S also. I loved that bike. The Brutale is such a different bike...more fun...more power...etc... I'm sure you won't regret you ever bought it. Only drawback is the fuelconsumption.

-- Kalden (write_to_kalden@hotmail.com), August 10, 2004.

Chris, I was in the same position as yourself, my criteria was naked and fun. Ended up with the Brutale and love it. Once these things are run in and you get into the sweet spot of the rev range, absolutely awesome!

-- Brad Smith (brad.smith10@optusnet.com.au), August 11, 2004.

Exactly the dilemma I was in 6 weeks ago! The Brutale vs the Multistrada vs the Tuono. I decided the Tuono was just too hokey looking.....parts that were seemingly stuck on just to make it look agressive, silly race stripes, big ugly exhaust pipe, cheap welds. Loads of power though and I'm sure a blast to ride. The Multistrada is tough to knock.....agile, decent power, looks that grow on you, great all-rounder, etc. But I was unimpressed with the low rpm shakes and rattles. Felt cheap and the welds were awful looking.

The Brutale is a fairly useless bike to own. Awful gas mileage, lousy two-up seating, useless mirrors, stiff suspension and rock- hard seat. After the 1st week of ownership I was seriously questioning my decision. But once I got acclimated to just what this bike is, a gorgeous seat-of-the-pants thrill machine, I've never looked back. I'm taking corners 20mph faster than the same ones I took on my BWM 1100R. And in much better control. Women really do ogle the bike as it sits in any lot and actually seek me out to compliment me and it. At 46, my wrists and lower back never ache and, after buying bicycle shorts to wear under my pants, my butt also experiences no pain.

It is quite simply the most fun you might ever have on two wheels.

-- Tom Solimine (Tsolimine@amph.com), August 11, 2004.

Tom speaks the truth...

-- Ian Sylvester (sylvesterian@hotmail.com), August 11, 2004.

I have owned a suzuki sv650s, aprilia futura and an aprilia falco....all fun in their own way but the Brutale is in a league of its own. I look forward to getting up for work because I know I get to spend 20 minutes on my Brutale. This bike is THE bike.

-- Wesley Thornberry (wesleyelmo@mac.com), February 08, 2005.

i too am off a falco and now on the brutale. outstanding ride for my needs. i'm sooo happy with it. at 5'10" 185lbs, the base setup and ergos work well. i'm learning what many of you know. this bike is balls-deep fun!

-- Leonardo Pasquarelli (lpasq@hotmail.com), February 12, 2005.

Come on over and read how much all the owners love their Brutale's. We have a great community going , with people who would be happy to answer any of your questions about the bike.


-- BrutaleForum.com (admin@brutaleforum.com), March 12, 2005.

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